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〇What is Hama-Study

In Japan, the declining birth rate is accelerating, and the population is expected to be falling.

The background of this is the economic situation, values, and social changes. Declining numbers of children, who are the future generation of society, will lead to the depopulation of society and have a major impact on society over the medium-to-long term. Therefore, national, and local governments have implemented policies and activities to support children and parents.

However, it has not been adequately verified if these policies and activities are making people's lives and raising children better, if the society is one in which those who want children can have children, and whether those who do not want children are satisfied.

The purpose of Hama-Study research is to evaluate and lead to better policies and activities, to grasp the actual situation, and to disseminate it to the world. Since this is the survey in Yokohama City, we will deal with specific problems that urban areas have and aim to solve them.

This research has been answered by those who agreed with the purpose of this research. You will not suffer a disadvantage by not participating in the survey. Currently, we only have the Japanese version of the questionnaire. If you find it difficult to answer in Japanese, please feel free to give us any opinions that you have about issues related to your daily life and parenting through the form below.

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〇Responsible Organization

Yokohama City University Hama-Study Research Team (Principal Researcher: Koji Hara)


   目前,由于经济条件、价值观和社会等的变化,导致日本少子化进程加快,预计总人口将持续减少。作为社会的中坚角色的儿童的减少,由此引发社会的人口减少,将对日本社会产生中长期的巨大影响。 因此,国家和地方政府实施了支援儿童成长及其父母育儿的相关政策和活动。



  本研究请赞同本研究宗旨的人进行回答相关调查问卷。即使不参与调查也不会对您产生任何负面影响。 由于现在只准备了日语版的详细调查问卷。 如果用日语回答问题觉得为难的话,请通过以下链接,我们设有中文版的调查问卷。请根据您的生活和育儿相关难题等自由地提出宝贵意见。我们将不胜感激。




横滨市立大学Hama-Study研究组 (研究代表: 原 広司)